Post-auction report - 35th auction

The second part of our spring-auction took place in the afternoon of 24th of May 2018.

Highlight of this auction was lot 292 - an oil painting by Nikolai Georgievich MAKOWSKI (1842-1886). It shows a farm near a river and geese in the foreground. The russian artwork was limited with 5.800 Euro and sold for 10.800 Euro. All in all Russian Art got a big response in this auction. For example lot 293, an amphora vase made before 1900. With a selling price of 1440 Euro it reached more than the fourfold of its limit. An oil painting of an other russian artist (lot 296) changed its owner for 1560 Euro.
Furhter pictures with pleasant results were amongst others Johannes (Hans) BECKMANN‘s (1809-1882) summer landscape in Prien at the Chiemsee which was sold for 6600 Euro or a copie of Rafael from 19th century - acquired for 4200 euro. Lively interest aroused two Art nouveau plates, designed 1903 by Henry van der Velde for Meissen (lot 258/259). Starting at a price of 350 euro there were many bidders and each plate was sold for 1320 Euro.
Also the award of the Berlin International Film Festival 2001 (lot 214) - a bear sculpture of gilded bronze - received a great demand. The stipulated price of 200 Euro rised up to 1200 Euro.

Now we are in arrangement of our summer auction, which will take place in the end of july.

*all sale prices include provision

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Post-auction report - 34th auction

Our first spring auction this year took place on 29th of march 2018. We feel happy about the continously increasing number of bidders.

One of the very pleasant rise in prices concerns to a chinese incense burner from 19th century (lot 228). With a limit of 200 euro the bronzevessel reached 3840 euro.

Also an english mantel clock/bracket clock (lot 431), made about 1870/80, was one of our clients favourite. The limit 1500 euro was more than triplicated. It results on a price of 5280 euro and is going to ireland.

A collection of 79 in part coloured photographs (lot 415) from meiji period (1868 -1912) was limited with 100 euro and changed its owner finally for 1080 euro.

This auction shows - Eastgerman Art enjoys increasing international popularity. Bert HELLERs picture "Winterlandschaft mit Schlittengespann" (lot 512) goes to New York for 1020 euro.
And also our highlight (lot 546), a bronzesculpture by Rolf WINKLER (1930 -2001) was sold abroad for 5520 euro.

All remaining objects can be bought in our post-auction sale until 27th april 2018.

*all sale prices include provision

Pre-report – Christmas auction on the 1st of December 2017

This Friday will our last auction of the year take place. All categories are once against represented, especially Asian Art, Jewellery, Art and Antiques.

Auction start is 1 pm CET

The top lot is a large micro mosaic from Italy (lot 322), a rare piece of museum quality. The summery landscape with antique temple, people and city view originates from about 1800.

Nine porcelain figures, consisting of the figure from Shou - Lao and eight immortals (lot 179) belong to the highlights in the Asian art category.

Likewise is the about 13 cm high, fire gilded bronze sculpture of Vaishravana sitting on a lion, a Tibetan-Chinese art work of the 18th/19th century. The figure convinces through its particular detail and filigree creation, and is marked on the bottom.

Pal Fried is also present representing the art of the 20th century, with his painting of a sitting female nude (lot 355).

For collectors and lovers of East German art have works from several categories been gathered – paintings (Bert HELLER lot 415, 416 among others), print-multiples (A.R. PENCK (Ralf Winckler), lot 412 among others) or sculptures (for example by Hans EICKWORTH, lot 419).

One complete wall in our exhibition rooms is dedicated to the photographs of Yuri Abramochkin and Pawel Michailowitsch Markin. Large monochrome pieces from between the 60’s and 90’s, created in Russia.

And also mentionable is our extensive jewellery selection with numerous interesting pieces from the last 200 years. High carat sapphire-brilliant jewellery, Tahiti pearls, aquamarine and much more – the selection is large.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Post-auction report - 31st auction from 05.10.2017

With only a few seats still free and a great atmosphere, this year’s autumn auction ended on a sale rate of 62 %.

From the Asian art category was a total of 74 % sold.

One of the most bidden objects was a 72 cm x 53,5 cm large Shibayama wall panel. With a limit price of 1600 €, it ended on the sale price of 4800 €.

Further examples include an 81 cm high, gilded picture stand from China – sale price 780 € (limit 180 €) or an 11 cm stone figure of a sitting Guyanin – also from China – sale price 576 € (limit 100 €)

Catalogue number 422 Ernst FUCHS‘S (1930-2015) bronze bust “Achill” had a start price of 750 € and was sold for 1320 €.

For an oil painting lot 583 (in need of restoration) by Karl GUNSCHMANN (1895-1984) – a fruit still life – did our customers bid 720 €.

And V. VINOKUROVS surrealistic painting “Figurative composition”, which went unsold in the 30th auction, ended this time on the sale price 1080 € (limit 380 €)

All unsold lots are available in the after-sale until the 5th of November.

*all sale prices include provision

Pre- report to the summer auction on the 4th of August 2017


The focus of this year‘s summer auction lies on a wide assortment of paintings. The history of painting during the last 4 centuries is here represented.

Auction start at 2pm CET

Most distinguishable is a large Baroque painting (Lot 296): "a beautifully painted flower still life in luminous colours" which attracts the viewers’ attention, or the painting from about 1700 by a Dutch painter (Lot 295), which carries traces from the Dutch golden age.

The category of modern art is represented by the artist Rudolf KRIVOS (1933) with his work "Fasiangova Figura (Slamenik)", who is seen as one of the greatest among the Slovakian avant-garde.

But artists like Edmund Kesting (1892-1970), Fritz Cremer (1906-1993), Klaus Tober (1950-1994), Brigitte FUGMANN (1948-1992) and Bert HELLER (1912-1970) are also represented in the auction, among others.

A large collection of Asian art is also awaiting you.

The jewellery section also offers a couple of highlights, for example an art deco ring with tourmaline and brilliants, a women‘s sapphire-brilliant ring and a platinum-brilliant ring, with one brilliant ca. 1,00 ct. Further is the watchmaker Jaeger LeCoultre represented with 5 clocks in their unique creation.

Especially mentionable is also a large figure group from Meissen (2 parrots) model by J.J. Kaendler, a bronze figure "standing female nude" by Otto Hoffmann (1885-1915) and an English tapestry before 1900.


We are looking forward to your visit.

29th auction from 08.06.2017

Record sale for Walter Womacka graphic, high prices for luxury clocks and jewellery 90% successfully sold

The second spring auction is now behind us and before we turn our attention to the summer auction, we want to give you a short overview of the top sales:

Internationally sought after were the objects in the Asian Art category. Here was a total of 75% sold. Particularly mentionable is an old Buddhist book with 8 jade pages and golden characters, which brought the hammer price of 840 Euro. Also a Korean vase with dragon decor excited a large interest among the bidders and was sold for 432 Euro.

Our luxury clocks and watches found new owners to high prices. The most prominent being the overly large pocket watch with gold housing from the 1860´s by Perret & Fils sold for 7200 Euro.

Three different clocks by the maker Jaeger- LeCoultre from the 50´s and 60´s also brought high prices, one was sold for 2640 Euro, 1560 Euro and 1200 Euro.

From the 106 lots of jewellery were 90% of the pieces sold.

This auction proved once again that the international interest in East German art is growing. The graphic Girl with flower vase by Walter Womacka (1925-2010) ended on the record price of 900 Euro and went to a British buyer. A painting by the same artist, titled Poppies, lilies and larkspur was sold for 3840 Euro.

A notable sale from the Russian Art category includes a mirror by Pawel Petrowitsch Dmitrijew (mid-19th century.), with a heavy and costly silver frame. It got a new owner for the hammer price of 5400 Euro.

Other distinguishable sales includes an Art Nouveau Vase Les Sauterelles with iridescent glazing (Nancy, about 1906), with the hammer price of 1080 Euro, the painting Mon Bougnat by Jan Balet (1913-2009) sold for 840 Euro as well as a bronze sculpture by unknown artist, titled Standing man, which brought the hammer price of 420 Euro.

*all prices include provision

Pre- report to the spring auction part 2 on the 8th of June 2017

Asian art, jewellery, Art and antiques

Auction start at 2pm CET

We sincerely invite you to our second Spring-Auction of this year. The sale starts on Thursday the 08.06.2017 at 2pm CET in our house at Rosenthaler Strasse 16. 660 objects from lots of different categories will be up for sale during the afternoon.

A large selection of Asian art (for example a pair of green ceramic parrots from China (18th/19th century), an old Buddhist book with jade pages or an interesting Chinese double-vase with colourful décor (about 1900 or earlier)) is awaiting you.
Just as versatile is our jewellery section. A few of the distinguishable pieces includes a silver ring with a large aquamarine in luminous turquois, a flower-formed Art Deco brilliant pendant with pearl or a beam-formed Art Deco brooch with sapphires and brilliants.

The Russian art section is also represented with a couple of highlights. For example a large beautiful centerpiece in silver (about 1881), a standing mirror with a costly frame by Pawel Petrowitsch Dmitrijew (mid-19th century) and an extensive dining set Kusnezow, about 1900.

In the category of paintings and graphics are several sought-after artists represented, for example Walter Womacka (1925-2010), Franz Masereel (1889-1972), Willi Sitte (1921-2013) and Joan Miro (1893-1983).

Particularly noteworthy is also a stylish Art Deco vase with satyr and nymph, a classic Art Deco ceiling lamp and a large Meissen porcelain figure group from 1860 as well as three miniatures of the 18th century.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Newsletter 29 Bildteil Englisch

Follow-up report on the 28th Auction from 11.04.2017


Record sale for paintings by Walter Womacka

Highest prices achieved:

"Roses" (hammer price 7200 Euro),

"Cherries" (hammer price 4320 Euro) and

"Apples" (hammer price 2760 Euro)


Also the graphical works excited buyers to high prices.


Tribal art found new owners to good prices. Sale quote: 72%


This year’s Spring Auction started off with a large collection of tribal art, predominantly sculptures and masks. 72% of the objects were successfully sold.

The second part of the evening was a success for all lovers and collectors of East-German art, with the highlight being the sale of six paintings by Walter WOMACKA (1925-2010). The most popular pieces were "Roses" (hammer price 7200 Euro) and "Cherries" (hammer price 4320 Euro) which both led to a small bidding war.

"Female Nude", with a starting price of 250 Euro reached a surprisingly high hammer price of 2760 Euro.

But also other artists from the East-German region were highly sought-after and contested, for example Eva Maria BERGMANN (1941-2016) with her oil painting "Fireworks", brought the hammer price of 2040 Euro.


Astounding results from other categories were for example a Memory-Brilliantring (hammer price 2400 Euro), an AUDEMARS FRERES pocket watch for 2400 Euro and the bronze statue "Hermann Duncker" by Walter HOWARD (1910-2005) from 1959 with the hammer price of 1320 Euro.


*All prices includes provision