Information for consignors

For a market-oriented professional valuation of your objects by our experts, it is imperative to present the objects in the original. You are welcome to send us photographs of the relevant objects in advance by post or by e-mail.

Discretion is of course natural for us.


If you are looking for a reliable partner who can help you auction of individual objects, collections or assets, then you are in exactly the right place with us.

Household clearance

We are happy to clear your household, and pass it over tidy and swept. Should there be any objects that are suitable for our auctions and which are in the ratio of the cost for the clearence of the household, there there will be no costs for you.


Depending on the nature, extent and quality of the items auctioned, and after the final bid, we charge a negotiable fee for our work.


All objects that you have entrusted to us will be insured for the limit price.


Billing and payment takes place after 4 to 6 weeks, provided all items are paid for by then. In order to provide you with your money, we will need a current bank account on your part. Cash payments are not possible. If you wish to have a crossed cheque, please let us know.