Estate realization and consulting

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Overview of our services:

Valuation and appraisal

1. entire estates
2. collections
3. single objects
4. beloved items
5. flea market pounds
6. rarities or curiosities

Our team of experts

1. advises on current market situation and sales opportunities
2. obtain appraisals, expert opinions
3. gives information about the value of art and antique objects


Due to our excellent formed network we are able to support you competently and reliably in matters of estate realization and administration. As a survivor you do not want to or cannot clear out, utilize or renovate the home of your loved ones.
or renovate it, then we offer you a comprehensive service.

There is a dispute in the family about an estate, then let us be your mediator, because real estate or valuables can rarely be divided, financially they can! You already have a household furnishings and do not need a second furnishings, then we will gladly support you,- until the sale of real estate or the transfer of the rental property.

1. expert office
2. buyers and sellers
3. clearing companies
4. real estate companies
5. specialist lawyers for inheritance law
6. morticians


1. we offer you, in addition to advice on retirement planning and financial security during your lifetime, all the support you need when a bereavement occurs.
2. you can secure your own wishes and relieve your surviving dependents.
3. nowadays it becomes more and more important to think about things yourself, because during your lifetime you can still influence it.

In case of an accident or death, it is a great relief to make provisions in time.
to take precautions in time.

1. loving care of your collection