Shipping cost


If you wish shipping through our auction house, please let us know with the bidding order. Your invoice will then already include the shipping costs. If you wish a different shipping address, please let us know in time. If you have transferred the shipping costs, you automatically give us a shipping order.

Since shipping is a service on our part, we refer to § 447 BGB. The dispatch takes place exclusively on behalf and at the risk of the bidder. We charge the costs for postage and shipping exclusively at cost price.

Shipping costs for small art (per object)

up to 30 cm: € 30,-
up to 60 cm: € 40,-
up to 90 cm: € 50,-
up to 120 cm: € 60,-

Shipping costs for paintings (per object)

up to 30 cm: € 30
up to 60 cm: € 40
up to 90 cm: € 60
up to 120 cm: € 80

Shipping costs for jewelry

up to € 500 invoice amount: € 15,-

Additional service, fragile objects and assortments

Flat rate from € 20,00 to € 100,00

The national shipping within Germany from a value of goods of 500€ is not carried out by us, but our
service partner MAIL BOXES ETC (price on request), or another service provider. You are also welcome to request a pickup yourself.

For bulky goods and sensitive objects - total dimensions over 120 cm and/or a total weight of over 31 kg and/or a total value of over 2500 € - we will be happy to arrange delivery, through the company or Transporte Uwe Schepers, which cooperates with us.