Information for bidders

Call and bidding steps

The objects listed in the catalog will be called at the indicated limit price (starting price). Bids will be raised from € 0 to € 200 by € 10, then in approx. 10% steps, whereby the auctioneer reserves the right to deviate. If there is no bid or only one written bid, the auction will be called at the limit. If there are several written bids, the call will be made approx. 10% above the second highest written bid. Written bids will only be called at the amount necessary to outbid the respective pre-bid by one step (approx. 10%). You can therefore be awarded the contract even far below your highest bid. In the case of written bids of the same amount, the order in which the bids are received will be decisive.

In the case of "no-limit bids" (o.L.), the auctioneer will start with the highest written bid, if any.


If you submit bids that are below the limit stated in the catalog, we are obliged to ask the consignor for his consent. If your underbid is exceeded or the object is sold at the limit, you will not necessarily be informed of this. For objects in post-sale we can usually grant a discount of 10%.


We send invoices in advance by e-mail and additionally by mail. If you have indicated a shipping request on your bid form, the invoice already includes the shipping costs (without guarantee). The transfer of the shipping costs is considered as a shipping order. Should you nevertheless wish to pick up your goods personally, we will only conditionally refund shipping costs already paid. Please inform us immediately. You will find more detailed information on shipping and transport under the corresponding menu item.
A surcharge of 25% plus VAT will be added to the hammer price.

Bidders from abroad will receive their invoice by mail.


Payment can be made in cash, by EC card, by check (only for customers known to us!) or by bank transfer. In case of payment by credit card we have to charge a fee of 2,9 % incl. VAT from the invoice amount. Invoices are to be paid within 7 days after invoicing.

Bank details
Credit institution Comerzbank Berlin
IBAN DE 19 1204 0000 0046 1665 00
Account holder Auktionshaus Kloss


Paid items can be picked up during the running auction, provided that they are easily accessible for the staff. Written bidders whose auctioned items cannot be shipped must pick them up or have them picked up within 10 days (see also AGB`s). We will gladly assist you in arranging a transport company.